Multiple-Spindle Attachment For Removing All Lug Nuts At Once

Video: Multiple Spindle Attachment Application: Wheel Lug Features: – Lightweight precision gear case – Adapter fits cordless power tools

1000W Rust Cleaning Laser – Removes Rust Effortlessly

Video: Rust Cleaning? Remove rust easily from metals using a 1000 Watt Laser. When aimed at a metal surface, the dirt layer and any oxides underneath will absorb the energy and evaporate. The metal underneath will not absorb the laser energy, leaving nothing but a clean surface ready for welding or painting.

How to Refill Aerosol Spray Cans Like Carb Cleaner, WD40, etc

Video: Check out this video on how to refill a Aerosol Spray can that has lost it’s pressure.

72″ Husky Tool Chest-vs-US General and Home Depot -vs- Harbor Freight

Video: Over $2k worth of boxes go head-to-head in this video……will the Husky 72″ with Stainless Steel top finally knock the 72″ US General off the top spot for the best affordable full size box? In this video we show you first hand the pro’s and con’s of each box — from construction, to capabilities, to… Continue reading 72″ Husky Tool Chest-vs-US General and Home Depot -vs- Harbor Freight

Snap-On Mac Husky HF SHOWDOWN | Torque ’em till they BLOW!

Video: Testing a fine batch of ratchets. Mac Tools is best. The Harbor Freight is cheap and good. Snap-On is the strongest. Husky is the worst.

Game Changing Tool Tips for Working on Cars

Video:  Best in class top 10 tips and favorite tools for Truck and Auto Mechanics and Technicians.

ETCG’s Air Tools and Compressor

Check out Eric The Car Guys’s video of his tool boxes, specifically about his air tools and compressor. One of the most popular questions  he gets is, “What kind of compressor should I get?”, as far as kind that’s up to you and what you can afford but I think this 26 gallon is perfect… Continue reading ETCG’s Air Tools and Compressor

Do Torque Sticks Work?

Check out this video as 50sKid reviews and tests to see if torque sticks work and if they can be trusted.

BRILLIANT Japanese Invention!

Check out this video of this cool Japanese invention that helps you not strip screws.

Who Makes The Best Ratchet/Socket Wrench?

Check out HumbleMechanic’s video where he look’s at who makes the best mechanic’s ratchet. Ratchets may also be called Socket Wrenches. We look at different sized ratchets, different brands like Craftsman, Snap on, Matco, Kobalt, and even a few specialty ratchets Join me today as be break down: ~ The 3 common drives for ratchets ~… Continue reading Who Makes The Best Ratchet/Socket Wrench?