The 2 Most Important Jobs In a Fleet - Troubleshooting and Roadtesting

Mechanics Hub - February 23, 2014

The Importance of Troubleshooting and Road Testing

As a fleet operation that transports students it's our responsibility to make sure all work is done properly and the vehicle is safe to go back out on the road. Also important is to road test buses before and after the repair to take care of driver concerns that are not obvious and need extra attention

Once repaired for a driveability problem like an engine miss or brake problem the final road test is mandatory to ensure the fault has been taken care of. Once the driver's log book is signed off that means it's business as usual.

Look and Listen

To keep standards high and our fleet safe there are regular steps we take to ensure the complaint gets taken care of properly. Two very basic steps: to look with all ears at the area of concern and listen to the driver explain their problem. This is the best way to determine what kind of problem is occurring.