Sandvik Doublescreen model QA335 on mining site.
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In mid-January, Sandvik Construction, held what was its 2nd annual Global Distributor Conference. The event took place in Ireland and had more than 120 guests who enjoyed the opportunity to attend both workshops and seminars where they were able to learn about Sandvik’s most recent equipment developments.

The purpose of the conference was to provide Sandvik’s mobile distributors with an opportunity to fully understand the developments the company has made, and the impact each development will have on the distributor’s job. The second purpose of the 2016 conference was to encourage distributors to evaluate the current way they handle customer service and explore ideas regarding how they can ensure each customer they connect with enjoys a high quality experience.

Sandvik Construction President, Dinggui Gao was pleased with the results of the conference and had this to say to the attendees. “I am delighted to attend and have the opportunity to meet our mobiles’ partners. It has been a challenging year, but fantastic to see the drive, enthusiasm and commitment within the mobiles’ sales network.”

Sandvik employees who attended the conference received updates regarding both the conference and the state of the industry via managing director, Terry Allison, while also learning about what new products Sandvik plans to launch throughout 2016. New developments that were of particular interest included:

  • Scalper range additions

  • QQE241

  • QH331 Hydrocone crusher

  • QA335 Doublescreen

During the conference, six different pieces of equipment were demonstrated while the company explained that the items represented only a small portion of the complete product range. On the final day, conference guests enjoyed a product walk which included hands on demonstrations as well as a Q&A sessions with the company’s global sales team. The most effective portion of the conference was the cone-focused seminars, which Sandvik Construction hopes will lead to a significant increase in cone sales during the 2016 fiscal year.

The conference ended with a gala dinner and awards ceremony.