5 Tips to Enhance the Life of your Recreational Vehicle

Mechanics Hub - June 25, 2013
RVs or recreational vehicles are a dream come true for travel buffs. Irrespective of its usage, it’s a good idea to take care of your RV because it costs a pretty penny. A periodic maintenance and cleaning, therefore, is indispensable for extending the life of your RV. So, here are some valuable tips to keep your RV in perfect shape. Storage matters a lot RVs can be stored in enclosed or open areas. Opt for enclosed places rather than open areas as the former offer better protection against weather, vandals and thieves. Rents often run high for such places but it’s worth while. If you can’t afford paying a high rent, go for reliable open storage areas. Cleaning the interiors & exteriors Cleaning your RV with warm water and mild soap keeps its shine intact. Never forget to wash the RV after coming back from a trip. Avoid abrasive cleaners for this purpose. Remember, not to use microfiber or polyester cloths for cleaning your RV as these can affect the finish. Instead go for cotton clothes. Always start by cleaning the roof first as the dirt makes it way down. Use a vacuum clean to keep the interiors spic and span. Further, make sure to wash the curtains, blankets and bedding. Dry the linens before using them to avoid mold. Clean the drawers and get rid of food supplies to avoid attracting rodents. Keep water away from appliance vents as you clean the exteriors. Lastly, remove black streaks on fiberglass and metals with a cleaning solution. Invest in RV Covers Buy a good RV Cover depending on your preferences. You can choose from a myriad of covers including carports, poll barns and fabric barriers. A cover shields your vehicle from UV rays, dust, snow and rain. Before buying a RV Cover, double- check its material, size and type. Go for a cover that circulates sufficient air inside the RV. Waxing the RV-exterior Take best quality wax to apply it on the exterior of your RV. It might seem a challenging task, but it’s worth while. Before waxing the vehicle, read the instructions carefully. Avoid waxing near the graphics imprinted on your RV. Before waxing the RV, make sure water dries off completely from its surface. Inspect roof sealants & water damage While cleaning your RV’s roof, check the sealants including the seams. Water, quite often, find its way into small openings. If you find one, reseal it. Before using any resealing material, check with an authorized RV dealer about its compatibility with your RV’s roof material. Also, inspect for water damage including cracks or gaps near windows, roof, compartment, or moldings. In case of water leak, call an authorized RV dealer immediately.