97 3600 vista bus

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October 29th, 2010 8:11pm
after 1 day of use it pushes p/s fluid out of resovour. first time in we changed the pump/cleaned res. & replaced plugged filter. lasted 1 day & puked fluid out of res. again & now hard steering/brakes with electric back up coming on. dead-headed pump & had 800 psi. dealer gave me another new pump. with first pump i installed clear return hose from booster to res. to watch fluid flow & when steering got hard flow from booster would almost stop. replaced both pressure hoses & booster,same problem.installed second new pump problem resolved.after 1 day of use fluid has again puked out of res.. is it possible that supply hose is collapsing inside starving the pump or the steering box??? i'am starting to lose my gray hair
October 30th, 2010 4:29am
What I would suggest you do is rig up a pressure gauge in parallel to the system flow, and have a extension hose long enough to get the gauge into the cab. Drive the vehicle and watch what is happening. If the relief valve is letting off at 2000 pounds or more, it could create the turbulence in the reservoir to blow out oil.

The system will be set up as a priority flow series system where the steering box will be first in line and as a result, flow for the steering takes precedence over brakes. If occasion arises that both are being used at the same time, could create backpressure. You said you replaced the booster, and you replaced both pressure hoses, and you have the clear hose for the return.

The only thing that is left is the steering box.

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