Accuride aluminum wheel.
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Accuride Corp introduced several heavy-duty aluminum wheels new to the market and much lighter than other models. The wheels came out during a recent conference dealing with heavy duty equipment. There will also be steel wheels for commercial vehicles offers along with a corrosion warranty.

They are not through with its innovations yet. It was revealed at the conference they gained access to patented metal matrix composite technologies and plans to create lightweight brake drums along with wheel end components that will be highly advanced. These produces could save up to 100 pounds on each axle over regular products and this could improve a number of items, including heat dissipation and overall brake performance and longevity.

The heavy duty Accuride aluminum wheels will be available starting in April. The lighter weight can improve fuel economy, but the company claims they will not impact performance in a negative way. Some models are four pounds lighter while others are three pounds lighter than the models they will replace.

Steel wheels that are created with the new technology are going to come with a five year corrosion warranty when they are used on commercial vehicles that take steel wheel designs. The protection against corrosion on these wheels can extend the wheel's lifespan and cut back on the amount of refinishing they need. This gives the vehicle owner less maintenance costs and a longer wheel live. The EverSteel wheels will have a four-phase coating process that could double their operational lifespan. When in the testing phase, they have gone through extensive corrosion tests to ensure they will hold up against anything they might encounter.

Accuride continues to develop other heavy duty wheels while looking at weight, lifespan and other issues that plague drivers. Maintenance and performance are large issues and this company has many plans to combat them in the future.
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