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Further emphasizing the important role of drone technology in the construction industry, San Francisco-based Airware announced that it has secured investment from Caterpillar Ventures.

The deal enables Airware, which provides the industry's most comprehensive operating system for commercial drones, to increase programs that offer services within the construction, mining, and quarrying industries. It also highlight's Caterpillar's commitment to using drones and other types of technological advances.

Caterpillar Chief Marketing Officer George Taylor said the deal better positions his company to "offer services through industry-leading technology" that both optimizes and digitizes operations.

Caterpillar dealers can now offer customers a variety of drone services and analytics, including mapping and photogrammetry, and advanced analysis and reporting modules.

Airware founder and CEO Jonathan Downey said that his company will provide Caterpillar with enterprise-focused workflow as well as data analytics that are industry-specific.
Drone technology said Downey, "is becoming a necessity" for construction, quarrying, and mining companies that are seeking to increase productivity while decreasing overall costs.

Airware acquired drone analytics pioneer Redbird last September with the intent of providing the most powerful commercial solution for mining and aggregates. Airware Redbird is now used around the world as a way to monitor the day-to-progress of construction sites, including worker productivity, safety, and operations efficiency.

Downey did not disclose the terms of Airware's deal with Caterpillar, or whether it will prevent Airware from working with other heavy equipment makers.

Bergerat Monnoyeur, an exclusive Caterpillar dealer in France, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Luxembourg, and Algeria, will be among the first to offer Airware technology.

Bergerat Monnoyeur general manager Greg Arranz said his company is committed to "bringing cutting-edge technology and world-class services" to its customers.

Arranz said Airware understands the needs of Bergerat Monnoyeur's customers - including what it takes to scale operations and providing industry-specific analytics to help with decision-making.