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Trucking HR Canada has opened up the applications for their third annual Top Fleet Employers program. Submissions are being accepted until February 29, 2016 on the organization’s website. The program celebrates and recognizes fleets within Canada’s trucking industry with incredible workplaces.

Top Fleet Employers are determined via a formal proves which involves submitting formal surveys, interviews, and documentation.

“Top Fleet Employers recognizes trucking workplaces that embrace best practices in human resources. In addition to supporting their own recruitment, retention and marketing efforts,” said Angela Splinter, CEO of Trucking HR Canada, “participating fleets are helping to raise the profile of the trucking industry as a great place to work.”

Workplaces will be rated out compensations, employee engagement, professional development, wellness, lifestyle, compensation, retention, and recruitment.

At last year’s program, 22 fleets were awarded as a Top Fleet Employer. Award winners included a mix of for-hire and private fleets from across Canada. Private fleets are scored based on a system that represents their unique workplace environment. Alternatively, the criteria for for-hire fleets is reflective of the core values of the recent Blue Ribbon Task Force on the Driver Shortage, by Canadian Trucking Alliance.

Last year, ratings also included a fleet’s activity in charitable or environment initiatives, both of which are valued by the younger generations.

“A key theme we noticed is that those who work for these fleets feel like they are more than a number. They see themselves as an important part of a larger team -- or even as a family,” says Tamara Miller, Trucking HR Canada’s director of programs and services.