A Better way to Manage your Career

Mechanics Hub - August 16, 2011
Who’s looking after your career? The world is changing and nowhere is it happening faster than in how we communicate. For career minded individuals, every new way to communicate is just another way to network their career. The challenge is not only to stay aware of these new resources, but more importantly, to understand how to use them to advance your career. With countless new social media sites popping up, plus over 150,000 thousand job boards, networking your career today can be an overwhelming experience! Longer working hours and after work commitments can make it very difficult to find a new job! How do you speak to a potential employer when by the time you get home from work, there’re closed? Sure you can e-mail or fax your resume, but do you have any idea of where it ends up? Did it get filed away? Sitting on the wrong person’s desk, the right person’s desk? Did they even get it? Most companies today don’t even bother to give you a reply! So what’s a person do? If only you.......... 1. Knew hiring authorities across multiple industries 2. Were an expert on social media 3. Had plenty of time to find that perfect job? 4. Had all the tools and knowledge needed to make your job search easier? 5. Got feedback when you applied with your resume? Wouldn’t it be great if there was unique career resource that could help you with all this and specialized in your industry or trade? A staffing firm so completely different, they are revolutionizing the Staffing and Recruiting Industry! Well there is and they have......Maizis & Miller Consultants North America’s only dedicated recruiter for Diesel Machinery Professionals and the industries who employ them. Maizis & Miller...offers · “Mechanics Hub”, the internet’s largest online community resource for trade · “Mechanic Hub Jobs” 2 new iphone and Android apps that allows users to see and apply to jobs directly from their smart phones. A staffing industry first! · The internets largest job board offering only 100% Heavy Truck & Off Road equipment opportunities all across North America in multiple industries · Professional, experienced recruiters who know your industry and trade! · “instant job alerts” by text and e-mail so you never miss out on that perfect opportunity again · A strategic career resource, available whenever needed, at any point in your career all for free. People love Maizis & Miller because they offer only permanent, full time, direct hire opportunities complete with perks and benefits. In other words “good Jobs”! All positions are related to either heavy truck or heavy equipment across multiple industries. It’s this exclusive focus backed by a truly outstanding team of HR professionals and Journeyman HD recruiters that gives Maizis & Miller their unprecedented expertise in this unique area of staffing. More and more candidates are starting to see the many great benefits offered by a firm dedicated to their career. Isn't it time you did?