Continental HDC1 HT tire.
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Having the right tire is vital for a variety of vehicles including heavy diesel trucks, 18 wheeler trucks and tractor trailers. Without reliable tires, vehicles would lose traction of the road, ruin the axle of the vehicle and travel at slower speeds using more gas to reach the destination. The Continental HDC1 HT driving tire has been recently introduced to the public and are made to produce the top of the line, highly advanced traction with its diamond treading design and durability to multiple types of tire damaging conditions. Anticipate resistance to slippery conditions along with on and off road hazards.

The HDC1 HT tire treading reaches 32/32 inches deep, providing stiffness and increased resistance to cuts and chunking. With highly concentrated pressure and a protective casing, there's improved traction, reliability and overall structure and performance. There's no longer a concern for stone trapping, chain damage or uneven wear and tear.

With maximum traction, these tires are capable of not only preventing damage from happening, but withstand the demands of every day hazards on and off the road including construction sites, oil fields, logging, mining and of course, rainstorms and icy roads. They are built for severe conditions and are made to ensure the safety of the driver and vehicle to reach its destination.

When carrying a large load, HDC1 tires will enable a safe trip, maximizing high mileage and heavy load carrying capabilities while minimizing premature material fatigue and deformation. These tires come in a couple of sizes including 11R22.5 and 11R24.5. They provide the most traction capability while maintaining treading and stiffness for an easy ride, decreasing damage and increasing resistance. Continental's new severe service HDC1 HT drive tire is top of the line so expect nothing less than long lasting treading to maximize traction in all weather conditions and situations.
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