Cummins Insite and Quickserve Training

Mechanics Hub - May 25, 2014
Cummins Insite Lite Software and Quickserve Online Training

I recently went down to Vancouver for Cummins training... it was a 2 day course and well worth the trip. Cummins software is a valuable tool when you own their engines or work on them in the retail world. Without Insite Lite and Quickserve online you are sunk. The procedures you need to know when troubleshooting engine problems are all laid out in both programs.

Insite Lite is the common software used for fleets like ours. Insite Pro allows you to reprogram your engine parameters which is not essential for us. If we need to change a setting the dealer is around the corner. I can't see that happening too often since they have been set to our liking every time we purchase a new bus with Cummins power.

The Cummins models we run in our fleet are the medium duty ISB version. They are very reliable and we do not have a lot of trouble with them. Years ago in 2009 was the last time we had purchased the ISB brand and all that happened was a couple of turbo failures (which we found out was from not using them enough) and water pumps. This is over a 5 year period so that is a great result.

Insite Lite Software

The great thing about this software is not only can you check codes and factory settings but you can also run a log and video system to troubleshoot a fault code. The data monitor is the procedure you use to set the parameters you want to check. If you had an overheating engine fault you could monitor the coolant temperature and engine fan for instance while driving to see how they are reacting at the time of the overheating condition.

Once you find the code you can click on it and the software gives you step by step instructions along with wiring diagrams to send you in the right direction. Another feature is the diagnostic tests like cylinder cutout and forced regeneration mode when required. This software is by far the best tool to have in your shop.

Hands On Training Can Not Be Beat

Part of the training was hands on in the shop. In this photo we are using a transducer hooked up to a compu-check fitting on the fuel filter. We are checking fuel pressure with the Fluke multi meter which reads off of the transducer. The steps and specs to perform this check are in the Quickserve online manual section.


Quickserve Online

This site is packed full of information with parts and service instructions. You can find your part numbers and service steps for repairs after entering the engine serial number. This makes life so much easier with the right torque specs along with disassembly and reassembly information. You can also access service bulletins which are valuable to have in your hand to keep up with factory changes to your Cummins engines.

Thanks for reading this post and I hope your employer is keeping up with technology with current software. It makes life as a techie much easier and helps you conquer any challenge that comes your way.