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Dana Holding Corp announced during Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week in Las Vegas that they are releasing a complete line of aftermarket components for downspeed trucks.

Downspeeding creates a reduction of engine RPMs when cruising, which both increases fuel efficiency and reduces emissions. The downside is an increase of torque which can shorten the lifespan of normal drivetrain components.

According to Dana, downspeeding creates one percent more fuel economy per 100 RPM decrease. This adds approximately 57 percent more torque to the drivetrain, creating a need for more durable aftermarket parts.

The company's Spicer AdvanTEK 40 series tandem axle, Spicer E-Series steering axle, and Spicer Life Series SPL 250/350 driveshafts already boast a lighter and more durable alternative to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. More than 150 new part numbers have been added to the AdvanTEK and SPL 350 lines.

During the official press release, Dana representatives warned against replacing individual components with regular aftermarket products. Instead, they encouraged fleets to consider downspeed powertrains as a complete system requiring parts capable of handling the increased torque.

Dana Aftermarket Group's vice president and general manager Doug Wolma stated that the new service parts contain the same performance and quality as their OEM parts.

The Spicer AdvanTEK 40 tandem axles are estimated to save over 2,700 gallons of fuel and provide an overall efficiency boost of two percent over the course of five years. Wolma stated that the benefits include a reduction of 60,000 pounds' worth of carbon emissions.

Available in five final-drive ratios, the AdvanTEK 40 also has a weight advantage over similar tandem axles, weighing 21 pounds less. Dana's new service part line is designed to be all-inclusive and contains both individual heavy duty components and overhaul kits.

With the industry shifting its attention to engine downspeeding, Dana's announcement addresses the need for a similar shift in how drivetrain assemblies are designed. Their new service parts line is the first comprehensive system designed specifically to handle the high torque of downspeed vehicles.