Image: TomTom GPS System. Europe’s top GPS Unit TomTom now in North America
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TomTom, one of Europe’s finest GPS products is now in North America. The navigator is a simple, six-inch screen device that comes with a secure locking mount, pairs with smartphones (both Android and iPhone) through Bluetooth, and is embedded with a chip so you won’t get dinged for roaming.

Pairing the navigator to smartphones is a very smart move considering that most truck drivers heavily rely on the navigation apps on their phones. Phone screens are small and checking the phone from time to time can cause distraction. This makes the TomTom navigator a handy alternative.

TomTom even has a MyDrive app that allows you to plan a route on your PC at home and send the plan to your smartphone, then in the morning when you pair the phone with the GPS device, the route will automatically be loaded to the device. You may be asked to provide a few details such as the truck's dimensions and GVW. This information is usually used to help keep drivers on the planned route and away from low bridges and residential areas.
The device has lots of data points too. When the Parking function is tapped, multiple municipal lots pop up. Motorists can invaluably benefit from this. The Voice Control is also quite neat. You can ask it to guide you to a specific destination and it will do that effortlessly. Whether you want to stop at the next gas station or want to pre-plan your whole journey to the work station, you can do that with ease. You can even ask questions such as; “When will I get there?” and “How much fuel do I need?” and it will provide accurate answers. Moreover, you can choose from multiple accents and up to 22 different languages.

Finally, operating the TomTom GPS device is super easy; you won’t be bombarded with endless controls. A simple arrow takes you back to the previous screen and the “…” icon returns you to the main menu. The mapping is also very friendly. It doesn’t try too hard to include scenery or buildings which could distract the driver.

The TomTom GPS device is currently priced at $399 which is the same range as other top of the line GPS units. It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. Being new to the market place though, it’s still only available on and on Amazon.