I am certified commercial mechanic? How much can I make in albtera?

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November 26th, 2008 8:41pm
January 13th, 2009 10:19pm
This is a very broad question and depends on many variables. Pay rate depends on the type of work you will be doing as well as where in Alberta. Dealerships typically pay more than Fleets and the North generally pays more than the south. Southern Alberta you would be looking between $25.00 - $30.00 per hour. Edmonton you should be able to find employment between $27.00 - $33.00 per hour. Grande Prairie $33.00 - $37.00 per hour and Fort McMurray $40.00+ per hour.

Hope this helps.
January 13th, 2009 10:48pm
I completely agree with Dave... the company you are working for and the location? Also whether its a union or non-union arganization. If you are looking to earn a lot of extra bucks into overtime I would recommend finding a busy shop that offers OT as well
January 13th, 2009 10:51pm
One of my buddies is up there in fort mack making $52 per hour but he has to live in fort mack. I will stay where I am.
January 15th, 2009 3:38pm
Handy Man is right, OT is where you can really start to earn. If it is your intention to go this route it is important to know how a company calculates Over Time pay.

There are minimums set out by the government but many companies will go over and above this. Key things to ask an employer about over time is:

1) 1.5 time or Double Time

2) What do Stat Holidays pay out

3) When is overtime paid out, after 40 hour in a week, 44 hours or anything over 8 hours in a day.

If you are working 12 hour days the best system is to be paid out anything over 8 hours in a day.
February 4th, 2009 10:39am
$45 seems to be an average in Fort Mac. Where it gets interesting is how overtime is paid. Is it time and a half or double time? Do you work eight at straight time and four at overtime or is it twelve at straight time. Is there benefits,pension etc.How much overtime is avaiable...Then the almighty one......are accomations provided, or do I have to find a $1200 dollar a bed(minimal)room? You almost have to be a math whiz to find the best deal for yourself.
February 23rd, 2009 8:30am
Yes! Agreed on what you have stated. But, don't forget the dirty details that are a financial killer now that the economy has soured.

So, don't forget to get everything in F'ing writing in your letter of offer. Because, if not, the company you may be dealing with might use "Contracted HeadHunters" that will say anything to make a quota and don't give 2 sweet sh*ts about you and how you have to survive in Fort Mac... Yeah, too bad, you didn't have that in writing.

Examples of too bad you didn't have that in writing are as follows, moving expenses, your job description, OT garanteed, training, and other incidentals that just screw you.

I know, OT is never garanteed, but the difference between OT and no OT maybe the difference between 'why did I move here and not when I am only making...whatever in the difference from where I was and...' Okay, so, some jack-off headhunter, contracted or not is waving OT in front of you, then it is either there or not as in, X company is super busy or just BS'ing you to fill a slot for a while.

Yeah! So, you are afraid to ask because you might lose out. If you don't ask and have it in writing, then you will lose


PS: If the F' word is offensive, then go to Fort Mac and check out living on the fringe of nothingness to know what is offensive to one's senses.
February 25th, 2009 4:56pm
First you have to learn to spell alberta
March 1st, 2009 12:04pm
You shouldn`t base your decision to take a job away from home or move, base on overtime. To not do your homework on house prices or incidentals in a place like Fort Mac is rushing it. I looked at Fort Mac for almost 1 year before taking a job, and now look back wishing I had done it earlier. I guess alot depends on if you`re employeed while looking or need something now. I asked the HR department so many questions before I took the job, that when I finally arrived I was know as Mr.Detail.....everything from the obvious, to having old pay stubs emailed to me to look at pobbible tax issues....Do your homework.

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