Yellow Kenworth T680 Truck
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Kenworth Trucks co. is offering a new battery monitoring system that takes the guess work out of battery levels. The system is currently available on Kenworth T680 sleeper trucks. The Kenworth T680 monitors the battery levels, and automatically turns the engine on when the level is too low. In addition, it’s auto start and stop functionality means getting the most out of your battery.

Kenworth Idle Management System offers excellent temperature control, and helps to prevent the engine from over-heating. Moreover, it tiny size allows for additional storage space in the under-bunk. It gives drivers up to date information on the charge level of the battery. The operator can see the engine charging and has the flexibility to plan trips around this to increase efficiency.

“If the driver needs only an hour or two more power before leaving to deliver a load, he can shut down the system early and use the battery power – then recharge the battery banks while on the road.” Said Baney.

Moreover, there are countless examples of times when truck batteries have drained during the process of loading and unloading. On longer projects, battery levels can get so low that the engine isn’t able to start. Alternatively, trucks with an LVD (low-voltage disconnect) would turn off all the systems when levels got that low to salvage remaining battery power – which would put a halt on projects.

“Our system is proactive – so instead of shutting down battery draws, we automatically start the main engine to keep all systems going while recharging the batteries to a steady state. Once at a designated level of charge, the engine shuts down.” said Kevin Baney, Kenworth’s chief engineer.