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In 2015, industrial LED manufacturer Optronics developed competition units for the Technology & Maintenance Council’s SuperTech competition so industry vehicle technicians could show off their diagnostic and technical skills. While they were honored to be selected, Optronics didn’t let their carefully crafted diagnostic and repair units simply sit there after the competition: this year they are taking these units on the road to train heavy-duty trucking and automotive workers for free.

They have dubbed the initiative the Bright Ideas Technical Training Program. Optronics saw the recent Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week convention as an opportunity to grab the industry’s attention and made their announcement during the national trade-show. Bright Ideas, states the manufacturer, can work to ensure all employees who encounter commercial LED lights know about their installation, maintenance, and safety.

Their ultimate goal is to teach industry workers to competently troubleshoot common issues with vehicle lighting and wiring. Fleet management and distributors can bring Optronics on-site to teach employees how to work with LED lighting and better follow lighting regulations.

The free program is designed with an eye toward practical issues affecting fleet vehicles and all relevant Compliance, Safety, Accountability standards. Current course topics include federal and CSA regulations and safety codes, basic electrical repair, tools used for lighting repair, installation, introduction to LED lights, and maintenance. Trainees should finish the full round of courses with practical knowledge, like how to install headlights or wire brake lights, as well as an understanding of how trucks and other vehicles can better meet safety standards.

Optronics believes maintaining lights is essential for overall safety and the satisfaction of federal standards. They suggest everyone in the industry, from high-skilled technicians to customer service employees supplying parts, should go through their course. All participants who complete the training will receive a certificate and Bright Ideas tool kit.