Rear view of Volvo new high-tech 6x2 truck
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Heyburn, Idaho - Volvo has introduced its brand new Adaptive Loading system to North America. The high-tech 6x2 system is the perfect partner for trucks and carriers.

The system improves vehicle performances and truck productivity. It uses Electronically Controlled Suspension to distribute weight evenly amongst the two rear axles. Moreover, the system creates a 4x2 configuration by automatically lifting the axle in light-load situations. This reduces rolling resistance and increases performance capability.

Idaho Milk Transport Inc, Burley, ID, has been an enthusiastic customer of the Adaptive loading system. “We saw the benefits of this new 6x2 system almost immediately, and we will never go back to 6x4 configurations,” says Robert Brice, founder of the company. “The Adaptive Loading system reduces tractor tare weight by about 300 pounds, and it definitely has improved fuel economy. We are seeing longer tire life, and it has been impressive on snow and ice during the winter months. We are now encouraging Volvo Trucks to make this system available for our four-axle tractors, as well as the three-axle units.”

The liquid food hauler transports more than just milk. Although it was their initial cargo, they now carry cream, liquid sugar, edible oils, and condensed milk. “We move a lot of cream and condensed milk to customers in Minnesota and Wisconsin,” Gene Brice says. “Edible oils are backhauls to French fry processors in the west. Milk and milk products account for around 60% of the product we haul.”

Idaho Milk Transport, founded in 1987, has been a long-time Volvo customer.
“We believe Volvo hit a homerun with the I-Shift transmission. We tell our drivers to just put the truck in drive and let the transmission do the work to get the best fuel mileage.” says Gene Brice.

“We bought our first Volvo in 1988, and Volvo's now account for a majority of the tractors in our operation.” The Volvo trucks in the fleet are equipped with the Adaptive Loading System and plenty of other built-in technologies.

Robert Brice adds, “Combining the Volvo drivetrain with the new 6x2 Adaptive Loading system is delivering fuel economy of 9.64 to 9.65 miles per gallon. While this is very good, we are confident that 10 mpg is possible with this system.”

Idaho Milk Transport has a very efficient fleet that is only made more productive with the addition of Volvo’s Adaptive Loading system.