Interior of truck cab showing Minimizer truck mats.
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The New Year will be bringing in new things for the trucking industry – including new Kenworth floor mats.

“We don’t rest on our laurels. If there are improvements to be made to any of our existing products, we make them,” CEO Craig Kruckeberg said.

Updates will be made to Kenworth models T600, T660, T800, and W900. The mats will feature a new finish and fit which will ensure optimal functionality for multiple seat configurations. The updated fit will also make it easier to produce during the manufacturing process. The mats will be available for sale on January 4th.

According to Kruckeberg, “Floor mats sales are up 35% over the past two months.” This is an opportunity the company will not miss out on.

These changes have been announced only a few months after Minimizer released their Freightliner Floor mats for Coronado and 122SD models. Floor mats are a useful product that ensures the protection of the truck while increasing the cosmetic appeal.