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A new mobile service program has been created by Mountain Tarp, which is a Wastequip brand in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. This tarping solutions manufacturer deals with a number of different duties and fields of work that includes waste management, recycling, agriculture and construction. This new program is designed to handle various inspections relating to truck and trailer systems in addition to deliveries of parts that will be stocked directly on vehicles for added convenience. Special order parts will also be available with a separate waiting time and fee but they will be delivered directly to a consumer’s location.

This program first began with the creation of two vehicles that were purposed to serve consumers all across the Eastern Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio areas. Services included flat bed systems and flip tarps along with cable systems, rack and pinion tarps and more. Two separate vehicles were created for the beginning truck fleet from Ram ProMaster 2500 cargo vans. While the Department of Transportation in these areas require all trailer and truck loads to remain covered, fleet tarping systems are imperative.

Some of the features of the new Wastequip Mountain Tarp’s program includes:

-A complimentary inspection of the current tarping system
-Consult for common repairs
-Major repairs are completed by Mountain Tarp’s mobile team
-Delivery of parts
-A third party to organize and release deliveries or repair teams

When the need for an inspection arises or its time to hit the road, it can be very costly and time consuming if a secure tarping system is not in place. It can also be difficult to get into a shop with this issue. This new mobile service program alleviates the burden of having to find a shop and get in for an appointment as parts and service are brought directly to the driver.

In order to maintain productive business and make good time while on the road, secure and reliable tarps are more important than some people would consider. While on the road, these products can go through a lot of wear and tear especially in harsh weather climates. This new mobile program is going to provide fast and easy access to repairs and parts whenever needed for a small or large truck fleet.