Picture: Red International Truck in construction scene. New HX Series Delivers Power
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International Truck has kept the truck driver in mind when creating a new HX Series complete with four different models to select from. They include HX515, HX615, HX520, and HX620. After many in-depth discussion with some of the leading users in the business, International Truck designed four models motivated towards assisting with more power and making construction work easier and less time consuming.

What driver wouldn't want a truck that delivers more power? This new line of class 8 premium vocational trucks deliver plenty of strength and endurance that is needed on the job. It has taken a number of years, since 2010, for International Truck to come out with a new line of vehicles. They now have an opportunity to reach the top of the vocational market once again with their new HX Series  As they have always delivered unmatched performance, it is no different now with models that will provide hard core performance on difficult jobs and making the operator easily more productive without wasting time.

The new models provide the user with a set forward and back front axle in the short or long hood which will all depend on the application. The HX 515, HX 615 and HX 620 offer multiple capabilities when working that include a construction dump, a mixer for concrete, and a refuse roll off and crane. There are multiple aspects of these trucks that make a complicated job much easier.

With aggressiveness and unstoppable power, the HX520 also provides a platform stake and crane that the other trucks do not have. Some of the trucks are powered by Navistar N13 engines while the others are powered by ISX15 engines.

No matter the choice, International Truck provides the equipment needed in extremely difficult situations within the construction industry. With the new line of HX Series models, the job will done faster and easier, all the while saving time and energy for the workers and for production overall.
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