Picture: Night winter scene with snow falling on snowy road and lights in background. New Starter System Delivers in the Coldest Weather
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The winter can effect an engine, especially one that belongs to large vehicles. If the weather is as cold as -60C, it can be difficult to get the heavy wheeled truck, tractor and any other caterpillar equipment started. With an innovative starter system, engines can be started in the coldest of weather.

This autonomous system was designed to run a small aircraft and heavy machinery at extremely low temperatures. It consists of both a hybrid electric energy storage and a generator for gas. The generator is able to recharge and create a powerful start up.

Through its nanocarbon material, the electrical storage is able to maximize the surface area per unit volume. This new idea for supercapacitors has reduced the complexity of developing storage.  Production costs are lowered through organic fibers used for electrode materials. It helps save energy and costs.

The the new starter system, a driver can feel self assured that the vehicle will not only start up in the coldest of winter, but will save money and energy. More energy is created through the braking of hybrid and electric vehicles. Even when the vehicle is not moving, the starter system can work without the assistance of another device and it can even start a truck 10 times in a row without hesitation.

This new technology takes into consideration of the needs of large trucks and aircrafts that need a reliable starting system even in the heart of winter.  It takes into consideration the environment and targets the usage of eco-friendly materials to keep the new starting system operating in accordance to current standards. This provides environmentally friendly transportation as well as saving on energy costs.

Never go another winter without the usage of the latest in technology for road and air transportation. Consider using the starter system that will provide reliability and durability in the deep cold.
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