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At a press conference during the Mid-America Trucking Show, Wabco introduced their next generation technology of OnLane departure system. Their system is now designed with a high-resolution camera incorporated with a SmartDrive video based driver performance system.

A lane departure warning system for large transport trucks is designed to minimize accidents when they are traveling along the roadways. They address the highest cause of collisions; distractions, driver error and drivers fatigue. This mechanism is designed to warn the drivers if their vehicle begins to move out of their driving lane. If they have turned on their blinker, it cancels the warning.

The lane departure system knows the trucks position by the markings on the road and if the truck goes over those lines the driver is alerted. The new generation to this system, SmartDriver is also adding a video recording with near real-time video analysis. Those who own the truck will now be able to see exactly where a lane departure occurred and by identifying what happened at the time; will be able to use the information for training purposes.

Lane change detection has been improved with the new generation of OnLane . Along with the new capabilities that eliminates the need for two forward facing cameras it delivers better lane marking recognition as well as the video streaming. Wabco will still offer this new enhanced system with an 18 to 24 month return on investment. Carriers who change out their fleet of trucks every four years will appreciate this move.

There is constant change in the autonomous vehicles to make them safer and keep users of roadways across the country safer. This incredible technology of lane departure warnings and the new air disc brakes are improving driver performance. There is still more improvement to think about to make these trucks even safer.

New ideas are being talked about regarding how quickly they can improve stopping time of these big vehicles. The air disc brake has shown a 10% improvement but they are still hoping to increase the stopping distance for these big rigs down to 200 feet or less.

Newly appointed president of Wabco, Jon Morrison looks forward to advancing their success in the commercial vehicle industry. He fully intends to continue the growth of their technology and further improve safety of buses, trailers and other commercial vehicles.
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