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The B.C. government recently announced their plan to initiate four separate programs that will be geared towards training First Nations members with skills needed for their future. These skills are designed to provide lifelong careers that will provide an income and purpose for people in the northern as well as northeastern B.C. area. This plan will focus around a thirty million dollar training fund that was created last spring. The duration of this fund is set for three years and is provided by the Aboriginal Skills Training Development Fund. In addition, the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology will be providing a job and college readiness program for forty different participants.

The purpose of these programs is to provide college readiness classes along with skilled trades education in the fields of welding, electrical work, millwright and piping. John Rustad, the Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation explained that the training that is going to be provided has been developed by each individual nation in order to achieve optimal results:

“First Nations have come up with the types of programs and the types of things that will work for their Nation."

The importance of teaching young professionals a skilled trade is something that will benefit them for years to come. They will be able to support themselves and support their families as they grow. The Blueberry River First Nation is also going to be initiating a Pathways To Success program that will allow for thirty different students to participate in skilled trades training that focuses around reading, computer science and math along with credentials for food safety, occupational first aid, hazardous materials safety and more.

With the goal aimed towards helping people of these nations become successful and self sufficient, it is also a hope that individual communities become stronger and more successful. With more employable community members, this is a recipe for future success thanks to the B.C. government and participating organizations.
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