Close up of blue Eaton UltraShift® PLUS Transmissions
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As part of the UltraShift PLUS manual transmission and the Fuller Advantage automated manual transmission, Eaton will be offering two new features to its customers. In order to provide maneuverability at a much lower speed, there is now the Urge To Move feature as well as Blended Pedal option. When attempting to maneuver a vehicle in a tight space on a work site, these features will make driving drastically different.

Both Blended Pedal and Urge To Move options allow for the ability to control the clutch by way of positioning the accelerator at varying speeds for movement. In essence, the result really is much more controlled and refined movements. You typically would never find this type of precision with a manual transmission; as it tends to be very jerky and difficult to maneuver. You basically get three pedal performance at a variety of low speeds thanks to an electronic clutch actuator. The feeling is much like two pedal technology. Both of these options can be added to all of the UltraShift PLUS transmission models as well as Fuller Advantage automated transmission such as the SmartAdvantage Powertrain and the PACCAR powertrains.

Both of these optional features, released by Eaton, are available for vehicles at no additional charge and they should be available by the end of 2015. These new diagnostic tools are PC based and vehicles can move on their own anytime the transmission is in gear as long as the driver of the vehicle lets up on the service brakes. The vehicle will then begin to move at a very slow pace while the engine idles. There is no need to press on the accelerator at any point. This is similar to how a regular passenger vehicle works on the road. Vehicles of this size typically cannot perform this way.
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