Renewed Training Alliance Between OSHA & Operation Engineers Local 150. Picture: Various job related words in different sizes and colours with the word training in the middle and highlighted.
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Training is something to be taken very seriously when it comes to operating heavy equipment. OSHA and the Operating Engineers Local 150 as well as the local Apprenticeship and Skill Improvement Program have decided to align themselves for another two years in order to give employers and their workers the information and guidance they need.

This alliance first came about in 2008 so worker safety and healthy could rise within the industry. Heavy equipment is used in a number of small businesses and apprentice programs and it is not always done properly. In order to increase worker safety, information is being shared among the groups in order to recognize and prevent hazards that can happen among cranes and other large construction equipment.

The groups want to work together for training purposes, but they also want to promote rules that are put into place for overall safety reasons. They plan to enforce those safety rules and put campaigns into place that promote adherence to basic safety guidelines. The alliance will showcase its programs at OSHA and ASIP conferences in order to exhibit and speak further about the issues.

Local 150 has a training center with over 342,000 square feet on 300 acres. The facility has an indoor training area with 200 pieces of heavy equipment. With a 200-seat auditorium and 30 different classrooms, employees and apprentices can be trained in the state of the art welding facility, equipment simulator lab, material testing lab, and in many other locations. The four apprenticeship programs include Construction Material Inspector or Field Inspector, Heavy Equipment Operator, Geothermal Well Driller, and Heavy Equipment Repair Technician.

Banding together with a common cause will help the organizations keep employees safe around the large, heavy equipment while reducing the overall hazards to employees, equipment, and those around the equipment. After the two-year alliance time goes by, the program will be reevaluated before another possible round is renewed.