Safety is Displayed in the Latest RIG-16 by Wabash National. Picture: Back of truck showing Wabash trailer.
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The Swedish Steel Prize has nominated Wabash National as one of the four finalists among 32 different countries. Wabash National created an advanced rear impact guard made up of ground breaking material that delivers incredible strength with its innovative design. This creation has assisted more vehicles to drive safer and for drivers to manage their vehicles with fewer accidents.

After two years worth of detailed research and development, Wabash National created the RIG-16 and released it in 2016. Due to its strength, safety, reliability and durability, they became one of the few that were nominated for the Swedish Steel Prize. If Wabash wins the award, they will become the fifth American company that has won the same award over the past 19 years.

The patented RIG-16 rear impact guard has earned a good reputation and is anticipated to win this coveted safety award. The prize consists of $11,000 in which Wabash National plans to release to a non-profit organization by the name of the National Road Safety Foundation. This money will help fund bringing forth how drivers will understand the importance of driving safe and following safety rules and regulations.  The organization alerts drivers on how they can remain safe on the road. This organization is dedicated to decreasing the amount of accidents that occur on highways by educating drivers how important it is to take extra precautions in avoiding car crashes and injuries on American highways.

The RIG-16 is able to maintain the current level of cost of ownership for customers along with improving the strength and energy absorption overall. It creates the least amount of weight impact and provides the driver with more ease when driving. Due to the innovative design and time that took to create the RIG-16, it has become award worthy and no other material other than steel was more fitting.