Speedo and RPM tach not working. Is there any alternative?

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September 20th, 2010 10:12am
Hey guys,

I've got a 2000 Pete 378 and it has a tachometer installed which displays the speed and RPM. The Speedometer portion of the meter has been broken for about 4 years. The GPS used to take care of the speed function, but now the RPM function has gone as well.

Here is the pic of the tach:


The repair for this tach is expensive, I tried to get it repaired; it sat in the guy's shop for 2 days and he said he can't find the parts to repair it. I can't find a used one and they're not cheap either.

So what can I do? Can I get a speedometer and RPM as two separate gauges and install them on top of the dash? Is it easy to find the RPM sensor and speed sensor on the engine or the tranny? oh by the way it has Series 60

September 21st, 2010 5:45pm
If I were you I would check all the truck scrap yards for another unit.An engine of that year will have the RPM controlled by the ECM of the engine manufacturer.The transmission will have the speed sensor located in the back just ahead of the output yoke.If you have a service manual and a lot of nerve you may just get two seperate gauges to work,I would advise against it.Maybe you know someone who is doing an instrumentation repair course,they may be able to repair it for a lot smaller fee.
October 5th, 2010 2:26am
wow the old tachograph speedo/tach. parts have to be available somewhere for these. they were used by a lot of fleets to make sure you didn't speed or overspeed the engine. I used to have the key to one so you could change the cards. check with Tacoma Speedometer tacoma, WA they might know.

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