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Last year, Elon Musk made a promise to the automotive industry. He vowed that Tesla would put an electric semi on the road, and it seems like the company is steadily growing closer to that promise becoming a reality. According to Musk, prototypes of the Tesla Semi look good, but warned that it will be a while before the semi will be spotted on the road.

The development of the Tesla semi was first announced when the company revealed it’s Master Plan Part 2, which focuses on providing the world with large, environmentally friendly vehicle options, including a pick-up truck and a mini-bus.

While Tesla remains excited about the Tesla Semi, it’s important to note that before they can start producing the electric truck, they need to get through the Model 3 program. This program is just starting and involves closing-down the Tesla factory for approximately a week and preparing it to start producing and shipping the car Tesla calls “The Model 3. Via Twitter, Musk provided assurance that once the production of the more than 400,000 reserved Model 3’s is underway, they’ll be much closer to being ready to implement production on the Tesla Semi.

Musk was quick to point out, the company’s enthusiasm for the electric truck hasn’t diminished and that early development work remains promising. To keep everything running smoothly, Jerome Guillen was put in charge of the Tesla Semi team. Though he has only been with Tesla for a few years, prior to connecting with the eco-friendly company, Guillen worked with the Daimler Trucks North America in Portland Oregon where he was responsible for the development of the Class 8 truck as well as exploring different ways to make heavy duty trucks and other vehicles both usable and environmentally friendly.

Current issues the Tesla Semi team is working to resolve include weight, energy capacity, how to charge the truck, and batter development for such a large vehicle.

Hopefully, Tesla will release more information about the Tesla Semi before too much more time passes.