tier 4 emissions on 2012 cat machines?

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November 21st, 2011 10:51pm
Over a brief conversation with a friend and fellow tech, who is employed at caterpillar, he mentioned that the new excavators will have to meet the EPA tier 4 emission standards."Using some of the same principals as Cat's post '07 on-highway engines, (which we both are familiar with) but different." However, since our conversation also included about 4 months worth of catching up, and I had to pick up parts a.s.a.p. for a down machine, that was just about all the information I got. Now come to find out we have 2 new 336's coming next month at work :cheer: , and I'm even more interested in the matter. I haven't done any of my own research yet,but since I'm new here I figured this was a good way to tap into some of the vast knowledge i'm sure is here. Like a wise man once said: "It's a piss poor day if ya don't learn something" What does anybody know about this?
November 25th, 2011 3:53pm

this link will tell you pretty much everything you need to and more about emission standards for off hyway equipment but the gist of it is that all off hyway diesel engines must be tier 4 comliant by 2015 (those exempt include railway locomotives some marine applications underground mining and hobby engines below 50 cm3 per cly) hope this helps you out not sure what cat has up their sleeve though as I'm not sure they make a tier 4 engine.
November 26th, 2011 8:02am
[email protected]

Excellent recommendation for the site address. Every mechanic should bookmark this address for their own reference. There is a tremendous amount of information that all of us need from time to time.

December 7th, 2011 2:16am
We've been seeing some of the tier 4 compliant machinery at this Cat dealer. From what I can see, the primary difference is the exhaust after treatment devices on the tier 4 stuff. The new H model 627 wheel scrapers and 160m2 graders have exhaust aftertreatment in the form of diesel particulate filters that have regenerative capabilities. The new dozers have it also.
January 4th, 2012 4:35pm
Hi,it is nice device to environment :) but you will need the diagnostic tool (few condition)for servicing or translate the error codes from display by manual.There are few changes as new turbo charger,injection system (example C9.3),egr system and aftertreatment device.

Here is important to folow OMM! :) and operator will be important member of maitenance..
July 27th, 2013 7:07am
I am an on-highway tech and have been dealing with Caterpillar's Tier 4 system since it came to be. The machine version is similar, but most of the bugs have been worked out by us on-highway guys so you are lucky (to some degree). The system uses a DPF and a combustion housing that is essentially a flame thrower. The DPF collects the soot from the engine and the combustion head creates the flame front to raise exhaust temperatures up to 1800 F. Due to the composition of precious metals inside the DPF, it acts like a catalytic converter. The heat inside of the DPF created by the combustion system also burns off the collected soot, turning it to ash, thus controlling particulate emissions which is one of the Tier 4 mandates.

It may sound simple, but there are a lot of sensors and components to make all of this happen. It has been a relatively high maintenance system on heavy trucks, but I suspect the operating conditions of machinery will prove to be kinder to it. Keep in mind you will have an ignition coil, wire and spark plug to maintain on this system, and proper fuel filtration will never have been more important. The DPF will also require maintenance as the ash load builds to a point that it needs to be cleaned out. If you have any difficulties with the system you will need the CAT ET service tool. If you are familiar with using CAT ET, make sure you have the latest version and start practicing using data logs.
July 27th, 2013 7:26am
I forgot to mention, another thing I have noticed about this site is that there aren't a lot of On-highway or Off-highway Tier 4 emissions problems being posted. I know for a fact there are a lot of Tier 4 problems out there. This reveals something important to consider if you have new machinery coming; The majority of work being done on these systems is being done by certified CAT dealers (some warranty and some retail) and those dealers have direct contact with Caterpillar to resolve issues (so they aren't using this site). The best advise I could probably give is to start forming a good relationship with the certified CAT dealer in your area if you don't already have one. Also inquire about parts availability for the regeneration system components and get detailed maintenance schedules for the maintenance items like the spark plug, fuel filter fittings and for DPF cleanings. Educate yourself and work WITH the CAT dealer. The biggest obstacle we faced, and sill face in the On-highway world is driver education. So educate your operators and make sure they understand how the warning lights operate and what they mean. This is critical as well.

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