crack in the road
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The trucking lobbyists, which keeps donating to the coffers our legislators for years, have put into effect truck weight limits that are double that of federal standards. The lobbyists say that the weight is distributed over more axles than other states.

But having more axles only flexes sections of roadway more causing the sections to compress under the weight of the axle and rebound until the next axle passes over. This causes deterioration of the roadway.

So heavy trucks are the main reason for our roads needing more repair than nearby states.

Another area of concern is the inequity of fuel taxes in Michigan. The state tax for gasoline is four cents higher than that for diesel. Since the big trucks are run mainly on diesel fuel, they are getting a break over ordinary cars which do much less damage to our roads.

The main reason I’m against Proposal 1 is that being a senior citizen who drives only to doctors and to get groceries thinks that a 17 percent raise in the sales tax is regressive and hurts people who drive little or not at all.

The legislature should be called back into session so they can do their job and raise the taxes 17 percent on fuel and put the burden on those who use and destroy the roads.