The Use of the Spreader Bar in the Lifting Process

Mechanics Hub - June 27, 2013
A spreader bar is one of the most commonly used lifting devices. Look up any construction site and you will usually see a spreader bar suspended by a crane used to lift heavy loads. These bars are typically made from pipes and can be identified by their two ends that have top and bottom lifting points.The Most Economical LifterSpreader bars make for very economical lifting as the ends of these bars are designed in a “clevis” style, which takes away the need for using shackles for attaching slings. This means you are able to save some money that you otherwise would have spent renting or buying shackles or any other kind of rigging hardware used for connecting slings or pendants. Now you might wonder whether you can actually save a lot of money by not spending on shackles. Well there is no doubt that you can, especially if you want your rigging equipment to carry very heavy loads, in which case high quality, expensive shackles are a pre-requisite.Built for Every Sling TypeAlso called the fixed length spreader, it can be built to accommodate all types of slings including wire ropes and chains. You can ensure that its length and design can also cater to different kinds of sling angles. Of course, its length will depend on the maneuvering room available for lifting the load, and the safest way this can be managed.Why a Spreader Bar?Say you have a lifting load that has lift points that are far apart; this might lead to load disturbance and imbalance while it is being lifted. This is where spreader bars come into help save the day as they can be compressed and designed to specifically meet the length of the load points. This ensures better load control.Only Choose Bars from Reputed ManufacturersIf and when you use these bars, they will form an important part of your lifting process and you don’t want to be choosing unreliable bars that will not meet the load bearing capacity of your rigging equipment. This is the reason why you must make sure you buy these bars from only those manufacturers who use the latest design technology and only the most high quality fabrication techniques for manufacturing these bars.In case you don’t want to purchase this bar, but want to rent them, there are plenty of manufacturers who rent out these bars. Make sure that you choose the one that best fits your needs and requirements and which meets the highest standards of safety.End WordsThe best spreader bars are usually the ones that are proof tested for more than their load bearing capacity. If you have a requirement for such bars, one of the best ways of ensuring that they will be perfect for your rigging requirements is to get them custom built as per your specification. This way you will be getting your hands on a spreader bar that is made keeping only your needs in mind and not something that might or might not cater to your on-site task.