A Day in the Life of an Argricultural Technician

ben - August 21, 2013
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This video clearly shows what an average day is like for an agricultural technician apprentice. An agricultural technician is almost like a mechanic for agricultural equipment. They deal with everything from tractors to combine harvesters and potato planters. Adam is an agricultural student who is currently on a 3 year apprenticeship working with the Ben Burgess Company. He started in the job as a work experience student and went on to study an Agricultural Technicians course at East Durham College. The video discusses his day from start to finish and shows a number of tasks he carries out throughout the day. Adam talks about the 1500 hour service of a tractor in which he must check a number of different things including changing parts, checking all filters and oils and finally grease and was the tractor. He also discusses a PDI check which entails checking a combine harvester for damage after transportation and ensuring everything is in working order ready for the harvest. Agricultural Apprenticeships can guide you into a career as a farm worker, tractor driver, assistant stock person and lambing assistant. East Durham College also runs BTEC and NVQ courses in agriculture as well as a number of other courses within the agriculture sector. Please visit our website to find out more! http://www.eastdurham.ac.uk