Driving Heavy Machinery for Fun

ben - November 18, 2012
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Kean Wong: A German company is renting out digging machines on its property to people who have always dreamed of operating heavy machinery. Here's more on the story. 'Baggerland,' or digger country, is a place full of dirt piles and wooded areas. The company rents out its digging machines to people who usually don't have anything to do with heavy equipment in their everyday lives. [Christine Schulz, of "Baggerland']: Female "Men (come here) and also, more and more women, people who are into technology and who want to drive something big, heavy and loud." One of Schulz' customers who paid almost 100 euros to play around in the dirt for one hour, could hardly disguise his joy. [Harld Zuhl, Customer]: Male "You feel the power of this machine, the power of the hydraulic system and how the entire equipment is yanked about. It's great and a lot of fun." Another visitor expressed admiration for professional digger drivers. [Stefan Bernemann, Customer]: Male "It's relatively difficult the first time. You must be able to co-ordinate a lot of different functions simultaneously. It takes getting used to and you always have to use your brain. Nothing works automatically. The bigger diggers yank a lot, the smaller ones operate more smoothly and you shouldn't be scared. It's a great feeling being able to move such huge amounts of dirt. It's fun -- even though it yanks. That's a part of it." Christine Schulz of 'Baggerland' says that the services her company offers "makes a childhood dream come true... We all know the feeling: you dream about becoming a policeman, a fire-fighter -- or a digger driver."