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Newly employed or searching for something better? Employment is a tricky process as there are many theories on what can ultimately get the job seeker the job. It isn't just experience and education anymore, it's what the person does after the interview that could seal their fate.

Back before computers there was nothing easy about looking for a job. Every male and female had to seek it on their own by hitting the pavement and going business to business asking for work. These days, employers make it easy to apply online to several jobs at once and even have an interview within the same day. Some interviews can take place by phone or by facetime. Some tests are taken before the job seeker comes in for an interview. This can all be an easy process or difficult one depending on how the individual sees it. Yet, all of these ideas of applying and interviewing online and by phone makes everything ultimately a lot easier.

1. Avoid going in person and doing a follow-up call after an interview. This will show desperation, misunderstanding and the lack of following directions. Many managers are too busy to return phone calls or meet again. Therefore, once an application is filled out online, wait for a response and go for an interview when contacted. Afterwards, follow protocol that the manager explained during the interview and continue to look for other jobs. Never sit by the phone waiting as other job opportunities are always available.

2. Use correct information on applications. Never lie about current earned wages. This could lead to the inability of being hired based on false information on the application once they call to find out the real salary. Avoid exaggerating capabilities. This could lead to a disaster once the manager realizes the person they hired cannot perform the duties handed to them.

3. Stay simple in a cover letter and resume. There's no need for flash, trying to stand out when creating a one page presentation that includes qualifications and abilities to get the job done right. Simplicity and being direct is the most effective way to get the hiring party's attention.
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