2019 National Heavy Equipment Show- Centennial College

Mechanics Hub met with David Greedy, HD Professor, George Williams, 2nd Year HD Apprentice Student, and Indira Singh, Liaison Student Recruitment Officer for Centennial College at the 2019 National Heavy Equipment Show held at the International Center in Mississauga, ON. David, George, and Indira had a chance to talk about the programs offered for Mechanics… Continue reading 2019 National Heavy Equipment Show- Centennial College

Rowe: Why We Never See Protests at Trade Schools

Video: Former ‘Dirty Jobs’ host, Mike Rowe, on why we never seem to have ‘safe spaces,’ snowflake culture and protests at trade schools and why there’s a plumber shortage.

Closing the Skills Gap and Alternative Education

“What ‘genius’ decided it would be a good idea to describe the kinds of education needed…as ‘alternative’ …We need to stop promoting higher education at the expense of every other form of learning….we’ve got a skills gap.” – Mike Rowe