2019 National Heavy Equipment Show- Centennial College

Mechanics Hub met with David Greedy, HD Professor, George Williams, 2nd Year HD Apprentice Student, and Indira Singh, Liaison Student Recruitment Officer for Centennial College at the 2019 National Heavy Equipment Show held at the International Center in Mississauga, ON. David, George, and Indira had a chance to talk about the programs offered for Mechanics… Continue reading 2019 National Heavy Equipment Show- Centennial College

Learn How A Female Diesel Mechanic Is Breaking Traditions

Video: With females in her family having been around trucks their entire lives, Aymee Cunningham wanted to follow their footsteps. Landing a Diesel Mechanic position at Peterbilt of Joplin, Aymee has earned a lot of respect because of her talents and passion for trucks, and has even saved the day:

Five Facts About Being A Truck Driver That You May Not Know

If you are thinking that the life of a truck driver seems like it’s a good one, you should know that there are pros and cons, just like in every other job. It’s certainly true that most truck drivers love what they do, and they enjoy the camaraderie that they have with other drivers. However,… Continue reading Five Facts About Being A Truck Driver That You May Not Know

Job Talks – Agricultural Equipment Technician

Check out this video of an Ag Technician giving his insight into why he got into skilled trades, and more specifically, pursued a career as an Agriculture Mechanic.

Opportunity is Missed

Opportunity is missed because its dressed in overalls and looks like work. – Thomas Edison

Spotting Job Scams In The Diesel Mechanic Industry

In our digital age, more and more elements of our daily lives are moving online, including job recruitment. As convenient as it may be in some instances, it can also expose us to a number of unfortunate things such as an increasing number of fake job scams. Diesel mechanics and technicians are in extremely high… Continue reading Spotting Job Scams In The Diesel Mechanic Industry

Mike Rowe’s take: Man-babies and Starbucks ‘shelters’

Video: Former ‘Dirty Jobs’ host, Mike Rowe, discusses 30-year-old man ordered by a judge to leave his parents’ home, the change in work ethics,  and Starbucks opening its restrooms to the nonpaying public.

A Millennial Job Interview

Check out this hilarious millennial job interview – know anyone like this?

EPIC Interview Prank

Can you imagine getting dressed, researching the company of your dreams, preparing THE BEST answers which are sure to nail you the job, and in the middle of the interview, this happens? LOL

Auto vs Diesel Truck Mechanic Comparison

Is it better to get into auto or truck repairs? There are many questions about whether automotive or truck repair is a better field to get into, but is there a right answer? This video compares the two fields and answers many of the questions that people have about the Diesel truck field.