7 Hard Truths About Soft Skills

Over the last decade, the workplace has experienced tremendous changes due to such attributes as technology and changes in consumer behavior and preferences. As a result, various jobs and hiring requirements have also witnessed a change in terms of both hard and soft skills.  Hard skills such as education and technical knowledge have been complemented… Continue reading 7 Hard Truths About Soft Skills

Mike Rowe’s take: Man-babies and Starbucks ‘shelters’

Video: Former ‘Dirty Jobs’ host, Mike Rowe, discusses 30-year-old man ordered by a judge to leave his parents’ home, the change in work ethics,  and Starbucks opening its restrooms to the nonpaying public.

Airport Worker Destroys Jet After Getting Fired

Video: After getting his walking papers and airplane technician uses heavy machinery to rip up a multi-million dollar jet.