EPIC Interview Prank

Can you imagine getting dressed, researching the company of your dreams, preparing THE BEST answers which are sure to nail you the job, and in the middle of the interview, this happens? LOL

Volvo Trucks – Look Who’s Driving feat. 4-year-old Sophie (Live Test)

A full-size truck. A little girl with a remote control. A gravel pit filled with obstacles. Is our toughest truck tough enough to survive Sophie?

Crazy Truck Accidents 2015 Compliation

The latest video collection of accidents involving all types of trucks from around the world.

Tow Truck Fail

Backhoe Recovery: Epic Fail

Spectacular truck crash at 11foot8 bridge

This is one of the more intense crashes of overheight vehicles at the Gregson St Trestle I managed to capture on video. The truck came hurtling at the bridge at maybe 40 to 45 MpH and was about a foot too tall. The deceleration to zero MpH is intense. It took two hours to peel… Continue reading Spectacular truck crash at 11foot8 bridge