If Car Commercials Were Actually Honest

Video: Imagine if all car advertisements were like this? No one would buy one! Watch this funny parody of a regular, every day car commercial and see how it would look if the pitch was actually brutally honest. Enjoy!

Tug of War – Supercharged Chevy VS Turbocharged Ford

Video: It’s the age-old debate, Ford versus Chevy, superchargers versus turbo chargers! See which one wins this tug-of-war, in pick-up truck style!

10 Types of Truck Guys

Video: Here’s a funny video demonstrating the different ‘types’ of truck guys! From the ‘Off-Road Warrior’ to the ‘Instagram Guy’, which type are you?

How Diesel Mechanics See Other Mechanics

Picture: Family Guy spoof on how Diesel Mechanics view other Mechanics. #DieselMechanicsAreRoyalty

A Millennial Job Interview

Check out this hilarious millennial job interview – know anyone like this?


Cartoon: “So tell me, why do you think we should hire you as our heavy equipment mechanic?”

Spoiled Mechanic

Cartoon: “We don’t like to spoil our mechanics by allowing them to use all types of fancy tools.  So dont be a baby and fix that truck with this.”

My Greatest Fear…..

My greatest fear is that when I die, my wife will sell all my car parts for what I told her they cost.

Your Might Be a Mechanic If…

EPIC Interview Prank

Can you imagine getting dressed, researching the company of your dreams, preparing THE BEST answers which are sure to nail you the job, and in the middle of the interview, this happens? LOL