How Diesel Mechanics See Other Mechanics

Picture: Family Guy spoof on how Diesel Mechanics view other Mechanics. #DieselMechanicsAreRoyalty

Redneck Mechanics

Picture: Redneck Mechanics – Convinced they can fix anything with a beer, some butt-crack, and a pair of camo pants. ¬†Although to be fair, beer does help fix everything….

Valentines Day – For the Love of Trucks

Picture: No Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day? More money for truck parts!

Unseizing A Bolt

Picture: That moment you undue a seized belt.

How It Feels to Drop A Wrench

Mechanic Picture: The feeling when you drop a wrench in the car….and it doesn’t hit the ground.

Go Home Piston Your Drunk!

Go Home Piston Your Drunk!