DeWalt Knockoff Battery vs The Real Deal

This 3.0Ah knockoff battery has equivalent performance to name brand DeWALT 4.0Ah 20V lithium. But is is good value versus the genuine Dewalt?

School Bus Garage Machining Brake Shoes

School buses are fussy sometimes so fine tuning is required once in a while. In this case the front brakes were grabbing and pulling the bus to one side at slow speeds. The best method to repair this problem is machining the brake shoes and brake drums. It’s not a unusual step to take in… Continue reading School Bus Garage Machining Brake Shoes


Cartoon: “So tell me, why do you think we should hire you as our heavy equipment mechanic?”

Spoiled Mechanic

Cartoon: “We don’t like to spoil our mechanics by allowing them to use all types of fancy tools.  So dont be a baby and fix that truck with this.”

Building the Ideal Mechanics Shop

Mechanics have a serious need for the right tools and equipment to get their jobs done. It takes serious power to work on cars and that’s why the shop must be outfitted properly. When designing a shop for yourself make sure you have taken steps to have an experienced contractor helping you get exactly what… Continue reading Building the Ideal Mechanics Shop

Mechanic Wars: Old School vs New School

Who does it better- Old School or New School?  Check out this video and you be the judge.  Sometimes the best education is not what you learn in books, but what you learn from others experience and knowledge.

Major Overhaul S 60 685 HP @ 1800 RPM Genset Engine

Video: Major overhaul S 60 685 HP @ 1800 RPM Genset engine

CAT Diesel Engine Teardown TimeLapse

Check our this video of a CAT diesel engine tear down time lapse!  This CAT engine had a million miles on it and was in perfect condition upon inspection. Sindall Transportation in New Holland, PA did the disassembly.

The Bottom Line – Keeping the Fleet, Fleet

Fleet managers have long understood the value of reducing maintenance costs and maximizing fuel economy.  After all, this is one of the most direct avenues they have to positively influence PAD.  Thankfully, advances in technology have lead to many game changing powertrain innovations, which have helped make the dream of a maintenance free fleet a… Continue reading The Bottom Line – Keeping the Fleet, Fleet

Who Said Beer is Just for Drinking?

“What… have a better way to check TDC?”