School Bus Electrical Troubleshooting

The First Step Troubleshooting Electrical Problems The last month has been unbelievable with waves of electrical problems. Several International and Thomas buses have been coding, not running and not starting on a steady basis. Corrosion is always the enemy and even though the bus manufacturers try their best to keep electrical harnesses and connections sealed… Continue reading School Bus Electrical Troubleshooting

Cummins ISC Diesel Engine In School Bus No start

The Thomas HDX school buses we have in our fleet range from years 2007 to 2009 and one fault that has been happening lately is either a no start or no run condition. Of course as always everything happens in groups of three. There was a no start a couple of weeks ago that required… Continue reading Cummins ISC Diesel Engine In School Bus No start

School Bus J1939 Electrical Fault

We happened to have an electrical fault in one of our International buses. The dash registered a large yellow triangle which is supposed to get the driver’s attention and also a message on the dash panel which said “electrical fault”. If you get lucky like we did it was something to do with the ABS… Continue reading School Bus J1939 Electrical Fault