School Bus Garage Repair Updates and Why I Blog

I do a quick tour of our garage on occasion to show you some of the jobs we do on a day to day basis. The jobs are common with a brake job, coolant leak and a water pump leak etc. Actually the reason I started blogging back in in 2006 was to show the… Continue reading School Bus Garage Repair Updates and Why I Blog

School Bus Garage Tour

If you ever thought of becoming a mechanic in the commercial transport industry you will never run out of work or experience as much variety as you will working on a school bus fleet. There’s never ending challenges with engines, electrical, air brakes and so on. Technology can be a pain in some areas where… Continue reading School Bus Garage Tour

School Bus Repairs

School bus repairs in the garage are different every day. The mechanic has to be prepared to diagnose and repair problems in various categories like electrical, air brakes, steering, engines and emissions. I’ve seen problems happen in groups of three and within a tight time frame. This isn’t surprising since every group of buses purchased… Continue reading School Bus Repairs