Ricon Wheel Chair Lift

The Ricon wheel chair lift featured in the video is a very well designed piece of equipment. They use hydraulics to operate the lift cylinders that stow and unstow, lift and lower the lift deck. Micro switches limit the amount of travel during each action. There are interlocks that don’t allow the lift to operate… Continue reading Ricon Wheel Chair Lift

Mechanic Road Test and Service Call Tips

The road test is one of the most important steps to take when troubleshooting a mechanical problem on any vehicle. Thousands of mechanics will agree with this statement. When you listen to a complaint from the driver of the vehicle in question you may not get the whole story. I like to find out as… Continue reading Mechanic Road Test and Service Call Tips

Tips for Battery Maintenance

Mangers, truck and heavy equipment mechanics, and equipment enthusiasts understand the key to keeping a battery in good condition is preventative maintenance. For example, it’s important to examine the starting and charging system. Fleets may change technologies or battery types.  Any time one part of a fleet’s system is changed without looking at all of… Continue reading Tips for Battery Maintenance

International DT MaxxForce Engine Low Power Tip

MaxxForce DT Preventive Maintenance Low Power No Codes This condition no power no codes is a common problem with diesel engines. So the first steps are simple like checking for obvious problems with the fuel injection and air intake system. The fuel filters and air filter are exactly where you want to start. I’m not… Continue reading International DT MaxxForce Engine Low Power Tip

Trailer Maintenance Tips

It’s been 14 years since repairing any trailer’s “ICC bumper” was a simple matter of cutting off the damaged section and welding on a straight piece of angle iron. Most trailers built since Jan. 26, 1998, have been equipped with more complex required rear impact guards that are not only stronger but are designed to… Continue reading Trailer Maintenance Tips

Tech Tip: Seasonal Preventive Maintenance for Fifth Wheels

This Tech Tip is the fourth in a series to be issued by SAF-Holland. The following steps are recommended by SAF-Holland for seasonal preventive maintenance on your fifth wheel. The company recommends the following intervals for cleaning, inspecting and lubricating your fifth wheel. However, since every fifth wheel manufacturer uses different locking systems, it is… Continue reading Tech Tip: Seasonal Preventive Maintenance for Fifth Wheels

Tools For Diagnosing, Testing

Dave Hahn has it right: “As sophisticated as machines have become, and as the industry has introduced more and more tools to help technicians diagnose problems with these machines,” says the manager of technical support specialists for Volvo Construction Equipment, “we still need technicians who have complete understanding of how machine systems function and who… Continue reading Tools For Diagnosing, Testing

Big Truck Preventive Maintenance Reduces Future Breakdowns & Added Costs

“A” Service: grease the fifth wheel platform, change the filters and top off the fluids; “B” Service (AKA “the big one”): oil change, filter change, replace tires if needed, replace brake shoes if needed, etc.; and “C” Service: the federal inspection which must be done annually. Money saving tip: Preventive maintenance can help truck drivers… Continue reading Big Truck Preventive Maintenance Reduces Future Breakdowns & Added Costs

Suggested Maintenance Intervals

The following are suggested vehicle maintenance intervals to ensure that your vehicle performs at it’s best. It is always a good practice to consult your owners manual and follow the manufacturers guidelines. 5,000 Km – Check the following… brake fluid level brakes tire pressure and wear wheel lug nuts engine oil level automatic transmission/transaxle fluid… Continue reading Suggested Maintenance Intervals

Winter Maintenance for Every Driver

Keep Your Headlights Clean and Snow-Free As Much As Possible, Even If You Don’t Think You’ll Be Using Them. During the winter season, days generally become shorter. If it’s snowing pretty bad in your area, then you can expect inches of snow to cling to your headlights, limiting your driving visibility greatly. One of the… Continue reading Winter Maintenance for Every Driver