Cold Start Mercedes Diesel Engine in a School Bus

This bus is one of our older non emission diesel engines. It’s a 2004 Mercedes MBE 900 in a Thomas HDX pusher school bus. As soon as oil pressure is reached I flipped on the high idle switch to get away from over fueling with unburned raw diesel which is very unhealthy for components related… Continue reading Cold Start Mercedes Diesel Engine in a School Bus

Mercedes Diesel Engine Air Compressor Failure

This school bus with a Mercedes MBE 900 diesel engine suffered a premature air compressor failure due to dirt in the engine oil caused by a faulty air intake hose. We had already replaced it a year earlier. The engine oil sample that I receive by email indicated a severe level of dirt in the… Continue reading Mercedes Diesel Engine Air Compressor Failure

Mercedes MBE EGR Cooler

The EGR cooler on this MBE 900 diesel engine developed a massive exhaust leak. The cause was the rear elbow at the cooler had worked it’s way out of the housing which caused the problem. This produced a lot of wear at the EGR cooler housing where the steel sealing rings sit. There’s not going… Continue reading Mercedes MBE EGR Cooler

Diesel Engine DPF Replacement

If you have ever worked on a diesel engine with emissions you’ll recognize the part featured in the photo. It’s a sooted up DPF (diesel particulate filter) cartridge. This one was giving us some trouble with an engine code that pops up when the turbo boost is not at the proper level. The cause of… Continue reading Diesel Engine DPF Replacement