Thomas C2 School Bus Multiplexing

This simple way of relocating dash switches is possible from multiplexing that sends inputs and outputs to modules controlling the components in the bus. Each dash switch has it’s own resistance that the module reads to send a command. In the video the horn and roof hatch motor switches were relocated. Once the ignition key… Continue reading Thomas C2 School Bus Multiplexing

Thomas School Bus Smart Switches and Multiplexing

In 2005 Thomas bus and Freightliner came up with a new model called the C2 which is a conventional school bus with new technology implementing smart switches and multiplexing to help components and modules communicate faster and more efficiently. The smart switch is a resistor that has it’s own separate resistance reading. When the smart… Continue reading Thomas School Bus Smart Switches and Multiplexing

Park Brake Not Releasing C2 Bus

This is a 2006 Thomas C2 school bus that had a park brake that would not release. The video shows the AMU air management unit that controls the PB circuit. When releasing the park brake the switch sends a signal to the bulk head module which is the brains of the operation allowing the PB… Continue reading Park Brake Not Releasing C2 Bus

School Bus Multiplexing

Since multiplexing is a main stay in highway trucks I want to go through it in more detail so if you’re a mechanic in the multiplexing world you will see more of the benefits that this new type of wiring communication system brings. The video was a quick view of what smart switches look like… Continue reading School Bus Multiplexing