Replacing a Side View Mirror

Recently we replaced the passenger side power mirror on a 1997 S-10 Blazer. The owner of this Blazer got a bit too close to a support column in a parking garage, and broke the mirror at the hinge. (Note the custom duct tape repair.) The tools we used for this installation: A 7mm nut driver… Continue reading Replacing a Side View Mirror

General Repair Tips & Tricks

Heres a few more tips I came across that should be useful for the average Joe: Put magnets on the side of your drill press to hold chuck and drill bits. When disassembling something you aren’t completely familiar with, take digital pictures. You can always look back to ensure proper re-assembly. When repairing a small… Continue reading General Repair Tips & Tricks

Summer Maintenance and Repairs Begin

The end of June means “school’s out for summer” and this year it ended with a twist. The teachers in BC who are in the middle of contract talks with the government decided to take action and picket all of the schools and maintenance yards starting on Jun 15th so we had to honour the… Continue reading Summer Maintenance and Repairs Begin

Cummins CAPS Assembly Repair

We had a 1999 Cummins ISC diesel engine quit on us while trying to leave town. It had to be towed back after having an initial look at it. The first thing was to scan for codes and at first we had no engine position and engine speed signals. So that was where we started… Continue reading Cummins CAPS Assembly Repair

Heated Mirror Repair IC School Bus

The heated mirror on school buses are no longer an option they are mandatory. So when any inspections are done on a school bus the heated mirror must work to pass. In this case the video shows the open circuit on the heating grid that has disabled the element completely. With motorized heated mirrors the… Continue reading Heated Mirror Repair IC School Bus

Bus Garage Repairs This Week

This Week in The Garage The jobs that go on in our garage change day to day since we really don’t know what ‘s going to fail or what needs to be serviced next. There is always something to do around the shop. Of course I don’t have to tell any of the guys in… Continue reading Bus Garage Repairs This Week

School Bus Walk Gate Repairs

Transpec Walk Gate Repair on a School Bus Today we were working on a walk gate which is attached to the front bumper on a school bus and keeps students from running out into the street blindly. The gate makes them walk further ahead of the front of the bus where they can see oncoming… Continue reading School Bus Walk Gate Repairs

School Bus Vehicle Inspections and Repairs

Motor Vehicle Inspections – A Very Necessary Routine Every month there are a certain amount of motor vehicle inspections. The average number of inspections runs around 6 -8 per month. There are 66 buses in our fleet so the inspections are spread out over the year. This week being the last one of the month… Continue reading School Bus Vehicle Inspections and Repairs