School Bus Makeover

This school bus looked pretty bad a few weeks ago. It got into a fender bender in one of the bus yards up north. Purely an accident that could have been avoided but it was humans at work and we weren’t born with eyes on the back of our heads. The lesson learned is always… Continue reading School Bus Makeover

School Bus Repairs

School bus repairs in the garage are different every day. The mechanic has to be prepared to diagnose and repair problems in various categories like electrical, air brakes, steering, engines and emissions. I’ve seen problems happen in groups of three and within a tight time frame. This isn’t surprising since every group of buses purchased… Continue reading School Bus Repairs

The School Bus Mechanic Life

The video shows one of our mechanics grinding away at a rear suspension. This is one of the jobs you may be faced with when you become a commercial transport / school bus fleet mechanic. If you want an interesting job with lots of variety getting into this trade is the way to go. I… Continue reading The School Bus Mechanic Life

Ricon Wheel Chair Lift

The Ricon wheel chair lift featured in the video is a very well designed piece of equipment. They use hydraulics to operate the lift cylinders that stow and unstow, lift and lower the lift deck. Micro switches limit the amount of travel during each action. There are interlocks that don’t allow the lift to operate… Continue reading Ricon Wheel Chair Lift

School Bus Module Corrosion

Modules have been part of the mechanical world for many years. The technology has advanced in leaps and bounds with more monitoring and control of multiple circuits reducing wiring, switches and connections. Most school bus modules are sealed from the environment however if moisture and oxygen are allowed to enter it’s inevitable a failure will… Continue reading School Bus Module Corrosion

Mechanic Road Test and Service Call Tips

The road test is one of the most important steps to take when troubleshooting a mechanical problem on any vehicle. Thousands of mechanics will agree with this statement. When you listen to a complaint from the driver of the vehicle in question you may not get the whole story. I like to find out as… Continue reading Mechanic Road Test and Service Call Tips

Air Brakes System with ABS

Air brake abs or antilock brake systems are similar to automotive in principle with wheel sensors, tone wheels and a control module. The difference of course is air brakes compared to hydraulic brakes. On our newer school buses there is an off road switch on the dash to engage the ABS and reduce wheel spin. The results using this system during winter… Continue reading Air Brakes System with ABS

Repair Rusted Spots on Your Car

There are several reasons why you may be concerned about rust spots on your car. If you are going to try to sell it, any appearance of surface rust will drive down the re-sale price considerably. If you plan on keeping the car for a long time, then you want one that looks nice and… Continue reading Repair Rusted Spots on Your Car

How to Repair or Remove Stripped Bolts

If your bolt is stripped and you’re finding that it is difficult to remove or repair, there’s a few simple tricks you can try before turning to a professional for removal. Which method you use to remove the stripped bolt will depend on your particular circumstance. First start by using a suitable penetration fluid, such… Continue reading How to Repair or Remove Stripped Bolts

Common Auto Repair Mistakes Made By Mechanics

When something goes wrong with your car, you take it to a mechanic to have the problem fixed. Whether he works at a local repair garage or dealership, you trust that he’ll have the experience and skill needed to resolve the issue. Sometimes, mistakes are made. Parts are installed poorly, wrong fluids are used, and… Continue reading Common Auto Repair Mistakes Made By Mechanics