How it Works – Engine Cooling Systems

Video: Cooling an engine down is just as important as making power! So how is that achieved? Internal combustion engines are often cooled by circulating a liquid called engine coolant through the engine block, where it is heated, then through a radiator where it loses heat to the atmosphere, and then returned to the engine.

How it Works – Fuel Injectors

Video: Fuel Injectors feed your engine the precious fuel it needs to live! But how do they work? This video explains the intricate workings within your fuel injectors: port injection, direct injection and indirect injection. Enjoy!

Everything you need to know about HEMIs

Video: This video goes through the history of the famous V8 Hemi engine and explains why it still dominates the competition do this day! If you enjoy good ol’ American muscle, then this video is for you!

How it Works – Boxer Engines

Video: How do Boxer engines work? They have a low center of gravity, they win rallys and they power Porsches! This video will compare the squat boxer engine to it’s tall inline 4 cousin. It uses a reciprocating motion to balance pistons and create power! From Subaru STI’s to Porsches, these low lying dynamos have… Continue reading How it Works – Boxer Engines

How it Works – Ignition Systems

Video: Your ignition system is the backbone of your engine. Without Spark plugs, ignition coils and the distributor, your car would not be able to ignite the crucial fuel-air mixture. This video takes you through your car’s ignition system and its components!

Evolution of Diesel Engines Through the Years

Oh, how our society would be different if there was no diesel engine in existence. The present-day era would never have known how the efficient diesel engine contributed to the lower cost of consumer goods if all we had to rely on were vehicles powered by gas. Diesel engines are more cost effective to run… Continue reading Evolution of Diesel Engines Through the Years

A Diesel Mechanic Work Day

Filmed over the course of a typical day in the shop and working on 3 different trucks.

Mike Harrah’s Detroit V24 – 71 Diesel Engine 3424 Horse Power

Mike Harrah’s Newest Engine – v24 – 71 Diesel Rated at 3424 HP

On-And-Off Engine Patterns Can Be Hard on Oil

Fleets that do city deliveries are increasingly turning vehicles off during deliveries rather than letting them idle. While this saves fuel and cuts emissions, and in many cases conforms with local regulations, Chevron warns that it could be affecting your engine oil. Chevron representatives say they have been seeing an increase in severe-duty operations due… Continue reading On-And-Off Engine Patterns Can Be Hard on Oil