Ethanol – Good or Bad?

Video: Ethanol is made from plants and powers race cars! Ethanol is in most gasoline, and some gasoline is MOSTLY ethanol! Is it better than gas? Does it clean things? This video will teach you what you need to know about Ethanol fuel!

How it Works – Ignition Systems

Video: Your ignition system is the backbone of your engine. Without Spark plugs, ignition coils and the distributor, your car would not be able to ignite the crucial fuel-air mixture. This video takes you through your car’s ignition system and its components!

DIY Mechanics Guide for Diesel Lovers

Taking your vehicle to a mechanic is going to set you back big bucks. The average per hour charge is $25, and the bill grows steadily from this point on. If you are mechanically inclined, DIY can keep some major coin in your pocket. Plenty of common problems are fixable by you. You simply need… Continue reading DIY Mechanics Guide for Diesel Lovers